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Global Hiring, Simplified:

Recruit, Pay, and Comply with Ease.

Seamlessly access our pre-vetted talent pool, manage international payroll effortlessly, and ensure compliance with ease.

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What is Cosmogence?

Simplify Global Workforce Management

Effortlessly Navigate the Complexities of International Hiring, Payroll, and Compliance. With Cosmogence, global workforce management is not just possible — it's streamlined, efficient, and risk-free.

Recruit Talent Globally

Connect with skilled professionals worldwide.

From 12% of first year's base salary.

Hire Employees Globally

Expand your team with our EOR (Employer of Record) services.

From $399 per employee.

Hire Contractors Internationally

Efficiently manage and onboard international contractors, ensuring full compliance with our AOR (Agent of Record) services.

From $48 per contractor.

Efficient Global Invoicing

Handle international invoicing and payments.

Contact for pricing details.
What makes us different?

Global Hiring Made Personal

Discover the unique advantages that set Cosmogence apart in the world of global and remote workforce management. We blend innovative technology with personalized support to offer employers a seamless, cost-effective solution for international hiring and payroll.
Integrated Global Management
Experience the synergy of combining your talent sourcing and payroll management on a single, streamlined platform.
Affordable Excellence
Benefit from industry-leading pricing models designed to offer you the best services at the most reasonable costs.
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Receive bespoke service tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your global hiring journey is smooth and successful.
HR and Legal Expertise
Navigate the complexities of global hiring with our team of HR and legal professionals, guiding you at every step.
How does it work?

Your Path to Global Workforce Management

Our platform simplifies the complexities of international hiring, payroll, and compliance, making it user-friendly and efficient. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, our tools are designed to cater to your diverse needs. Sign up for free and experience the ease of managing a global team at your fingertips.

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Thomas Runge, COO

Talent acquisition and global payroll on the same platform? You had us at hello.

Jessie Chung, HR Lead

We compared Cosmogence to Remote and felt there was a clear winner in Cosmogence.

John Austin, COO

Cosmogence has changed the way we hire. Full stop.

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