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Frequently asked questions

You've probably got a few questions... we've got answers.
EOR (Employer of Record)
Wait, how can you offer recruiting for free? Is there a catch?
Aren't you just another Robert Half or Randstad?
We have an internal talent acquisition team, why would I use an external service like yours?
What does your candidate vetting process look like?
If you recruit globally, does that mean we'll get candidates from India? Brazil? The US?
We can source candidates from LinkedIn and Indeed, why use your service?
What is an EOR (Employer of Record) and why does it matter?
How does your Employer of Record service work?
What countries do you offer compliant payroll processing in?
What industries do you specialize in for recruiting services?
How can you offer free recruiting services? How does that work? Is it any good?
What’s included in your free recruiting service?
How do you ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations?
What is the typical turnaround time for setting up payroll in a new country?
Can you handle payroll processing for both local (PEO) and foreign (EOR) employees?
Do you offer additional HR services beyond payroll and recruiting?
What is the pricing structure for your Employer of Record service?
How does the Employer of Record service ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations?
What types of payroll taxes are handled by the Employer of Record service?
Can you explain the process of benefits administration through the Employer of Record service?
What happens if there are changes in local labor laws or regulations? How does the EOR service adapt to such changes?
How does the Employer of Record service mitigate risks associated with global workforce management?
What steps are taken to ensure accurate and timely payroll processing for employees in different countries?
Can you provide examples of specific labor laws in different countries that the Employer of Record service handles?
What role does the Employer of Record service play in managing employee benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans?
How do you handle compliance with local tax requirements, including deductions and filings, for employees in various countries?

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