About Cosmogence

Who are we ?

Call us ambitious, but the goal of our global team (yes, we used Cosmogence to hire our crew!) is to provide small business with the same tools, process and reach previously available to only the largest global hiring organizations.

We like to think of it as the democratization of hiring.


To help find expert employees at optimal cost to enhance business competitiveness.


A world where smart people can collaborate with professional teams. No matter where they are.

Our Core Values

We use an AI assisted candidate screening process to minimise gender and racial bias.
This allows us to exceed the most sensitive of anti-discrimination laws.


Global teams bring unique perspectives and creativity. We embrace diversity wholeheartedly.


Caring Meritocracy

Meritocracy alone lacks thoughtfulness. We champion caring alongisde the celebration of merit.


Our team makes commitments and keeps them. This builds trust and strengthens relationships.